I Will

I Will
by Or Inanc
I need you as I need my breath
I love you like no-one else
If you love me say you do
Oh please say that you love me too

And if you decide to be my wife
I’ll cherish you all of my life

I’ll give you roses, I’ll make you smile
I’ll sing of romance and make you mine

And when you’re mine the love won’t stop
It’ll grow and grow up to the top

Then, when we’re up there looking down
We’ll go shopping for a wedding gown

When were married I will say:
My love grows more and more every day

Some day we’ll grow old and tired
But the flame won’t die that once was fired

Then one day we’ll live no more
Up to the skies we will now soar

There we’ll live happily
Together forever in harmony.


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