A Friend Is…"

A friend is…

Someone you can be yourself with,
and who will overlook your faults.

Someone you can laugh with in good times,
and cry with in sad times.
Someone you can share your most intimate secrets with,
and with whom you can always be honest.

Someone who’s always there when you need them,
and who will never let you down.

Someone whose smile can make a world of difference
when you’re having a bad day.

Someone who’s always ready with a hug
when things aren’t going your way.

Someone who always laughs at your jokes,
no matter how bad they are.

Someone who’s always willing to listen
when you need someone to talk to.

Someone who always says the right things,
and is always willing to offer advice…
whether you take it or not.

Someone you always feel close to,
no matter how many miles are between you.

A friend is..

Someone like you!

I am very thankful for friends like you,
and I hope that I am everything to you that you are to me.


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